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From Left to right:  jOSEPH dAVIS, Caitlyn Schock Buckwalter, Stephen W. Schock Sr., Stephen W. Schock Jr., Alora bartlett

Our History

Cremation Services Inc. was established in 1996 in response to an increasing personal preference in California and the United States for direct cremations and direct burials as an affordable alternative to the high cost of utilizing the services of a traditional Mortuary or Funeral Home. We operate our own state of the art on-site crematory so that your loved one is not transported to a third party beyond our direct control. Our facilities are modest, so we are able to pass on the savings of not having high overhead expenses to our customers. This allows Cremation Services to offer prices that are among the lowest available while maintaining a professional and compassionate environment for your cremation or burial funeral service needs.

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